Getting Into The Zone

We’ve all heard athletes talk about being in the zone during their winning performance; actors and actresses who gave their greatest performances often cite being in the zone during those moments; entrepreneurs also attribute their successful moments when they found themselves in the zone.

So what exactly is this zone? How do we get in that zone? And why does it feel so good to be in the zone?

I don’t think there’s a clear definition of this, but in my experience, I know I’m in the zone when nothing else matters, when time and space seem to disappear, and when I’m in my own world of creating my desires, and feeling nothing but bliss and excitement.

I love getting into that zone when I’m writing. When I’m engulfed in my passion, I can write continuously, and not realize time is flying by. I know when I’m out of that zone when I’m feeling frustrated, or I’m trying to make things happen and it just doesn’t seem to work.

So how can we get in that zone? I don’t think there’s a process or step by step procedure we can follow to get there. It’s different for everyone, and when you start thinking of steps and procedures, then I find it nearly impossible to get into that zone.

But when I do get into that zone, I’m always in a state of joy, excitement and passion. When I’m doing what I love and am in those emotional states, then that’s when I slip into that zone and lose all track of time. It’s as if I connected directly with Spirit while I’m in the zone, as divine inspiration just keeps flowing through.

Because I’m in that zone, it’s really hard to get distracted. It feels so good, and I don’t ever want to leave. But as soon as my mind steps in and tries to analyze how I got into the zone in the first place, then I fall out of that zone, and it seems really hard to get back in.

That’s when frustration can kick in, and I crave getting back into that zone. It can be addicting like a drug; once I experience it, I just want to get back into that zone again.

So that’s why I decided not to write a step by step procedure on how to get into that zone. That defeats the whole purpose. My only suggestion is to start doing what you love, do it consistently, and feel the joy, passion and excitement run through your very core and veins. Then you’ll know you’re in that zone. Once you’re there, just keep doing it, and don’t let your mind interrupt and start analyzing it.

Good luck! Get into that zone, and start creating what you desire.

  • When I am “in that zone”, I basically feel nothing from the time & space vaccumed moment. All I know is I can’t stop but hold my breath and continously do it.

    After I walked out of the zone, then I can feel it was quite a lovely moment to be that intensely focused, without noticing the time passing and people buzzing ;) I feel this in writing too^^

  • Kris de Leon

    Great to hear Sandy! I love getting into that zone. Sometimes, when I slip out of the zone, I yearn to get back to it. But with more yearning, I find it harder to get back into it. Rather than thinking too hard, I just do it! Then I’m in the zone.