How to Properly Develop Relationships Using Social Media

How many times have you cringed after receiving a message from someone you just connected with immediately pitching his or her opportunity? We’ve all heard them tell you that they have the best compensation plan, they’re going to be the next billion-dollar company, and that their juice, lotion or potion is the cure for cancer. They even create a sense of urgency by telling you that if you don’t sign up by midnight, you’ll lose out on a once in a lifetime opportunity. Sound familiar?

Like most of you, I get annoyed when people start pitching the opportunity from the get-go without even finding out more about me, what my needs are, and how things are going. This is a sure-fire way to lose any credibility you have with your new contact. So for those who are new to using social media as a way to start building relationships with strangers, here are the steps I recommend.

Step One: Join a group where you think your prospects might be members. There are dozens of groups on Linked In, and probably hundreds, if not thousands of groups on Facebook, related to network marketing. If you’re using Facebook, you could join Fan Pages of industry icons, such as Mike Dillard and Robert Kiyosaki, where you’ll find a few thousand like minded individuals who are members of those fan pages.

Step Two: On Facebook, send a friend request, and write a short message why you want to connect, such as “I noticed that we’re both fans of Mike Dillard, so I thought I’d reach out and ask if you are interested in connecting to exchange ideas.” If you are connecting on Linked In, I suggest sending them a message first and asking for their permission to connect. If you send invitations right away, and you receive a number of “Don’t know” responses, Linked In may block your ability to send invitations directly.

Step Three: After they approve your request, send your new contact a message telling them “Thanks for adding me, and looking forward to sharing ideas with you.” That’s when you can start getting to know them. You can ask them what they do, how long they have been doing it, and/or how their job situation has been affected by the economic crisis. You get the picture. Offer to help them in anyway you could. You could ask them what their goals are for the year, and offer to help them achieve those goals. This is when you start the relationship building process. Offer to chat with them by phone or Skype and start getting to know your contact.

The overall key is to build relationships and trust with your new contact. This takes time, but eventually they will get to like you and consider you as a trusted advisor. Give them advice and suggestions whenever it’s appropriate. Once they start feeling your excitement and energy, there may come a time when they start asking you about your business. This is probably an appropriate time to talk about your opportunity, and hopefully, they join your business because they really enjoy working with you.

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  • Lynn Rothfuss

    Hi Kris,
    Enjoyed your article.
    What you say is so true.
    It’s about relationships, learning to get to know people and how to help them where they are and about what concerns need help with.
    Lynn Rothfuss

  • Hi Kris, thanks for posting more good information about attraction marketing. We can never hear it enough!