5 Tips on How to Increase Your Blog Comments

I’ve just published my first article with Social Media Today called 5 Tips on How to Increase Your Blog Comments. Here are my 5 Tips:

1) Make sure it’s easy for the reader to comment

2) Ask questions

3) Respond to people who comment

4) Comment on other blogs

5) Invite a bit of controversy

For a more detailed explanation on these tips, go to my article on Social Media Today. What has been the best strategy for you, which generated the most comments for your blog? Please leave your comment on the article or below to help out our readers who want to increase their blog comments.

  • Read the Social Media Today post! Great article, very helpful. Thanks! Definitely implementing #2 right away!

  • Kris,


    Congrats on your first Social Medial 2 Day post. I have
    been posting there for a few months and the exposure has been great.


    Hit upon the keys to communication. We all too often
    forget that the best use for a blog is to try and engage as a conversation.





  • Glad my article helped Carmen! Good luck, and have a great weekend!

  • Thanks for your input John! I think I’m going to focus on working with high authority sites in my niche. Posting my article on Social Media Today got me the most exposure out of all the activities I’ve done up to date. I’ll work on producing high quality content that offers tremendous value to my target audience. Hope all is well, and have a great weekend!

  • Natasha Nassar

    Kris- just read your article over at Social Media Today and it is fantastic! You’ve given some very solid advice for bloggers on commenting, and I hope that everyone will  hop over and read your entire article.  Lots of great points in there!

  • Thanks so much, and glad you found my article helpful.

  • To be honest I found very interesting and very helpful when
    I read this. You wrote very simple points, easy to understand to everyone that’s
    the main thing. Thanks for this social media post.

  • Thanks John! Glad you found the post helpful. Take care, and Happy New Year!