Launch of My First E-Book

I finally did it! I wrote my first ever E-book called 5 Steps to Creating a Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign, and I’m so excited to have launched it today. It took me a while to put it together, but I’m glad it’s done! My E-book is aligned with my vision of helping entrepreneurs and business owners achieve their goals, and I know this E-book is the first step in realizing my vision.

In this E-book, you will learn…

  • How to gain clarity on your target market and ideal customer profile
  • How to drive targeted leads to your Facebook Page
  • How to create an engagement strategy that improves the number of likes, shares and comments on your posts
  • How to convert your Fans into paying customers, and get them to spend with you time and time again
  • How to measure results of your performance

Make sure to get your copy by filling out the form on the following page called Facebook E-Book. Looking forward to any comments and feedback you may have. I’m looking to write a few more E-books on social media. If you have any topic you’d like me to cover, feel free to comment below. Thanks!

  • Hi Kris, I’m sure that your e-book will be welcomed by many entrepreneurs. Many don’t have clear social media goals and don’t know how to profit from facebook marketing. Social buzz is rocking now. Congratulations on your first e-book! Looking forward for more e-books on social media.

  • Thanks Viviana! I’m looking to create a few more E-books geared to
    entrepreneurs. My next one will most likely be on LinkedIn. I’m using
    these E-books as a way to create value for my leads before I do any
    business with them. Will keep you posted. Take care!